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W£ºWoven webbing,C:Crochet or knitted webbing,P:polyester(terylene),N:nylon,S:Spandex, M:Cotton,K:Jacquard ,V:velvet,GJ:silicone coated£¬MX:Cotton Lace.In additional to the above material£¬we also has imitate gold silk and silver silk and the variety of colorful silk and color yarn as material which can be identified from our item number.After the en dash number means Width of the webbing£¬for example imitate gold or silver silk,in the item number should be mentioned ¡°Gold¡± or ¡°Silver¡± . colorful silk and color yarn should be mentioned ¡°Colorfull¡± or ¡°Rainbow¡±.The other alpha will distinguish artwork and the different grade of material.