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Corporate culture£º

Our aim: Add and only increase the color for masses' life; Enterprise's values: It is honest to conduct oneself, the sincerity that do things;

Prestige spirit :

Studying constantly, keep improving; Operation policy: Make the most of the advantage , reflect the characteristic , pursue being outstanding;

Our pursuit:

Make unremitting efforts to improve oneself, seize the opportunity ; Cadre's rule: Watching over , forgetting I , devote , responsibility;

Development strategy:

Achieve first-class famous brands ; The rules of staff: Quality speciality , taking action from me; The style of work: The thing of today , finish today ; Technical standard: Satisfy the market , exploit market , create the market;

It is standard to choose the right person:

Not restricted to one pattern, it is inherent to pay attention to; Hygiene criterion : Articles are put playback , there is not the dust the dead angle .

Quality policy :

Implement ISO9000 standard in an all-round way , is devoted to the prestige brand , promotes and manages water in an all-round way .